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Why Hire Oles Law Group?

The benefits of hiring our firm include:

  • 20+ Years of Successful Family Law Experience
  • We Are Conveniently Local & Serve in North Fulton and South Forsyth Counties
  • Top-Tier Representation without Big-Firm Rates
  • Experienced in Both Trial and Appeals Courts
  • Aggressive Representation, Empathetic Counsel
  • Tailored Approach to Each Case – No “One Size Fits All”
  • Familiar with Atlanta-Area Courts and Judges
  • Nationwide Experience in Family Law Litigation
  • Meticulous Case Planning to Set Up for Success
  • Regular Communication with Clients
  • “Excellent” Avvo Rating
  • BBB® Accredited Business

The law is a complex field of constantly shifting rules and regulations, and legal matters are sufficiently nuanced that even the courts will disagree on certain points. You have the right to represent yourself in a court, but most legal experts recommend against it. Court cases are often delicate matters, and a single misstep could change the entire outcome of your case. With our legal knowledge and experience, we can parse through your case, and present you with the best legal options. Once we’ve settled on a strategy, our attorneys will present the strongest legal arguments to the courts.

We Have the Experience

Oles Law Group has over 45 years of combined legal and litigation experience.
Headquartered in Alpharetta, we’ve also represented numerous clients in North Fulton and South Forsyth Counties. We’ve also presented cases in the Atlanta-area courtrooms. Our time spent meticulously and fiercely representing our clients has led to an extensive body of knowledge and legal acumen among our attorneys. That’s the experience we’ll bring in representing your case.

Law Practice Areas

During our two decades of presenting Georgia legal cases, we’ve focused on several fields of law. Our law firm has litigated cases in the trial and appeals court, and we’ve also had experience in family law litigation at the national level. At the Oles Law Group, our practice areas include business law, family law, and personal injury law. We understand that some types of cases require empathy and delicacy. We are tough litigation attorneys, but we’re also human beings, and we believe in caring for all of our clients’ needs.

Compassionate Legal Counsel

Divorce and family law is an area that requires compassion. We recognize that our clients may be in emotional pain and are possibly experiencing a period of uncertainty in their lives. Our family law attorneys offer the superlative legal representation in matters involving divorce, child custody, support, and related matters. We’ll handle your case compassionately and we’ll be available to you when you have questions.

Full Compensation for Medical Bills

Extensive medical treatments can require substantial amounts of money, and some injuries can require years of rehabilitation and physical therapy. Insurance companies will often underestimate the dollar cost of your recovery in an attempt to maximize their profits and pay you less than the amount to which you’re entitled. This could hamper your effort to make a full physical recovery as you look for ways to pay for your treatments. In addition to the other service that they provide, personal injury lawyers will examine your case and estimate the amount of money that you should receive for your medical bills.

Covering Business Cases

Legal issues in businesses can be delicate matters, with a small mistake costing a large sum of money—sometimes even shutting down the business. Because of the nature of business, there are detailed, intricate rules that govern every transaction and professional relationship. Oles Law Group ensures that you’re provided with thorough, effective legal representation in your business matters. With legal professionals working for you, you can focus on the success of your enterprise.

Hear the Testimonials


Words alone cannot express just how great David Oles and his staff have been. A family member recommended I speak with him based on other professional recommendations. I have found his firm to surpass every expectation of service, professionalism, experience, knowledge, and attentiveness. He also has outstanding courtroom presence and is an amazing litigator. He has always been expertly prepared and has never failed to deliver less than exceptional performance. Due to an exceptionally violent and litigious ex-spouse with multiple personality disorders, the past decade has required me to be in court an unfathomable number of times. This has placed me in the unfortunate position of being able to offer a very informed opinion. While most of the attorneys I have worked with are very good and dedicated to their cases, David stands out as a true expert in comparison. He is a recognized expert by his peers, and that alone is worth its weight in gold. He has never failed to provide guidance when needed, and that is absolutely critical when the stakes are the safety and well being of your children. His staff is the best I’ve ever seen, hands down. David has not been just an attorney, but a true advocate for my family. I hope no one ever experiences the difficulties that we have, but should you find yourself in need of the very best, look no further than David Oles.

Aug 21, 2013 Family Law Client


I hired Mr. Oles to help secure my child who had been abducted from out of state by his father. I felt like the judge was against me from the start. With Mr. Oles help, we were able to turn things around and my son will soon be going home with me.

Feb 21, 2012 Family Law Client


In a corporate setting, David was highly knowledgeable and effective, particularly in healthcare and healthcare technology sectors. It’s great to have an attorney who approaches their work as a business partner. David was timely, efficient, and able to find solutions to legal hurdles.

Mar 30, 2011 Thomas,


He did my divorce did a great job. He was on top of things at all times. Men don’t get their kids but I got all three of mine. I’m very happy with the outcome of the divorce case. He also did a misdemeanor case for me. I was very happy with the outcome of that case, as well. He is very good at what he does. I had three charges he got them reduced to one. I’m going to use him on a family case over a will. I will use him for all my stuff.

Sep 24, 2013 Robert

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Whether you require representation for a family law matter, a personal injury claim, or for a situation related to your business, our attorneys aim is to serve you. We’ll diligently work through your case from beginning to end and keep you informed the whole time so that you can follow along in the process. An attorney in Alpharetta is available to evaluate your case. CALL (770) 648-0744 FOR YOUR FREE CASE EVALUATION.