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Alpharetta Family Lawyer

Battles over divorce and child custody contribute to an emotionally draining legal maze that will require continuous attention and detail-oriented planning. Without proper legal guidance, you may make mistakes that could cost you valuable advantages in your case. Avoid the hassle, and hire a full-service family law firm that focuses on the many different fields relating to divorce and child custody issues.

Georgia Divorce Law

Some divorces are simple and easy, but more often than not, they are complex legal affairs, accompanied by a plethora of unique issues. When a civil resolution doesn’t seem to be achievable, a family law attorney can help you avoid the traps and pitfalls of a contentious divorce. Divorce involves discussions over finances, assets, debt, child custody and support, and possibly alimony. We will review your case, present it to the court, and win you an equitable divorce settlement.

Child Custody in Alpharetta

Child custody battles are intense affairs involving several factors that a judge will need to consider in order to determine the optimal outcome for the children. The children are always the focus of the court, and the proceedings are designed to determine what’s in their best interests. If the parties involved are unable to come to a mutual agreement on how to raise their children, then custody arrangements will need to be legally settled by the court. A law firm that works in family court will be able to present your case to a court in a professional, organized fashion, which will help you get the child custody arrangement that you’re seeking.

Alpharetta Domestic Violence Cases

When a divorce or child custody case involves an incident of domestic violence, the stakes are even higher. Domestic violence changes the context of any case. Even the allegation of a violent incident can change the nature of a child custody arrangement, alimony payment, or divorce. But even if the domestic incident is a factor in the divorce, it’s handled separately in the criminal courts. A family law attorney can assist you in getting a divorce court judge to put your family legal issues into context.

Prenuptial Agreements in Alpharetta

While no marrying couple wants to contemplate divorce, a prenuptial agreement may be a necessity. What a prenup does is to establish guidelines for the division of assets and liabilities in the event of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements are legally binding contracts that supersede the default positions with regard to property division established by law. If you own a business with partners or are the heir to an inheritance, there may be third parties who insist on you ensuring your collective futures with a binding prenuptial agreement, drafted by experienced family law attorneys.

Georgia Alimony

Alimony is sometimes awarded by the courts in cases where they believe that one of the spouses is entitled to compensation from the other. The courts use predetermined calculations to establish the amount of the alimony awarded and how long payment will be due. A family law attorney can represent your financial interests in court and work towards an alimony agreement that suits you.

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If you’re seeking a divorce or have an issue related to child custody or another family law matter, you need proven legal representation from a professional divorce lawyer. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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