The call I was waiting for... I think

Two years ago one of my friends, Jim, called me for help with a laptop on the fritz. He told me that suddenly it became very slow and unresponsive while working on documents and browsing the internet. Now if you know anything about computers, you know that basic web browsing and working on documents, spreadsheets, etc. does not require a powerful or even new computer... I went over to his house which was a short train ride away. When I got there he had his laptop dangling over the balcony and I shouted up to him to get his attention. I said "the computer doctor is here, don't destroy that laptop". He laughed and brought the laptop inside.  I asked why he was going to destroy the laptop that I had just traveled by train to try and save. He said it couldn't be fixed anymore. That morning he turned it on and he saw a screen with the FBI logo and it claimed that his computer could only be unlocked if he paid $1000 in bitcoin.   I knew what this was... After checking the l

Getting used to Blogger

 This is my second post. I am attempting to figure out how Blogger uses formatting on the posts seen on the homepage of a Blogger website. Here is a heading... Back to paragraph. bulleted list item 1 item 2

Welcome to my new Blog

  Hello my name is David Oles and I have been in IT all my life. I would like to share some of my experiences on this blog and helps others on their journey with my stories. Current Role: President and Chief Executive Officer After my work at as vice president and chief operating officer of High Touch Technologies, I was asked to become CEO of AgVantis Inc based out of Wichita. I look forward to bringing my IT experience to help AgVantis in providing technology and financial accounting services to Farm Credit Associations in California, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.